Friday, 26 October 2012

Homeopathic Aggravation

Last year I had to battle to keep my NHS homeopathy, due to large funding cuts. I won, but I now see a different Dr. Initially, this scared me, but it has actually been brilliant. My former homeopath had pretty much given up trying to improve my health, and was starting to try and encourage me to do GET etc - not good. My new homeopath is wonderful, and is pushing to try and find a remedy which fits me perfectly. So, last weekend I moved from Pulsatilla LM6, to Gelsemium LM2. And I have gone down hill ever since... It started with a mild headache and nausea. Over the last week the headache has got worse. I have developed more jaw ache. Painful glands under my jaw. Earache. Sore throat. Sore neck and shoulders. All primarily on my left hand side... Last night I felt very ill. I didn't take the remedy, I was too scared. I didn't know if it was coincidence and I had a virus; if the homeopathy was making me worse before making me better; or just making me worse...! My homeopath is only in office on Mondays, but I was able to get hold of his GP surgery and contact him. He phoned me back and offered a plan of action. Stop the Gelsemium for a week, as it has obviously aggravated me. Then start it again, but dilute it in water so it is not as strong, and see how it goes.

From my limited knowledge, the aggravation means that this remedy could work very well for me. But obviously reacting this strongly is not good. Let's see how it goes from here...

Oh, and talking about medication. The gynea has moved me from clotrimazole (as she believes there is no thrush, only chronic vulva irritation) to 12 weeks of very strong steroid creams. So far, so good... I am also now washing with aqueous cream, which I think is helped moisturise down there :)

Anyway, here's hoping I feel better pretty damn soon...!

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