Friday, 23 March 2012

Behind the Scenes.

I am sorry this has been so very quiet. I have been writing thousands of words to try and fill in my ESA form with all the relevant detail, and it has left me quite unable to do anything else. It was due back a week ago, and it's still not ready.

So. I had my DLA medical. Went ok, and read his report since too. Not perfect, but ok.

Got my new tribunal date for May, we'll see how that goes...

Been filling in ESA50. Very tough going. Worried I'm writing too much. Will be back late. Looking at exceptional circumstances to get into Support group.

Panicky, but it will be ok.

Oh, and see dr, and anxiety is now written down on my medical records...

Thursday, 1 March 2012

ME Took Him Away.

I needed Mr last night, desperately. I needed him physically, emotionally, spiritually. But his consequences from the day were so severe that he couldn't move, he couldn't speak, he couldn't think. It was almost like just his shell was left, though I knew inside he was screaming to get out.