Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I read a lot of blogs.

That might even be an understatement... And within those many, many blogs, are a good amount of Christian relationship blogs. Man, that sounds tedious. But I've got into them because of the people writing them, and the honesty with which they write.

Lots of these blogs hit notes with me, whether it's the balance of housework within a marriage, or being stuck in an "inbetween" (inbetween studying and working, renting and buying, being a couple and being parents etc). I so often go to start writing a comment, but in the midst of the comment I end up saying, "it's different for us though, we've both got chronic illnesses, so we have to work it this way, and it's like this because of it...", and so on and so forth... And then I hold down Cmd+A, and press delete. Because noone who reads that will understand. And I don't have the energy to explain.

You might be stuck in an inbetween, but at least you can actively do stuff! We're stuck in an inbetween where just making a meal is enough to confine us to bed spasming in pain. You might argue over who has to do the housework, we have to call our parents (who are pensioners!) in to do the most basic of chores because we just can't. We have to rescue the other person as their legs give way, literally pick them up off the floor and laugh through it all because it's the 5th time it's happened since we woke up a few hours ago.

Our life is unimaginable to you. But don't block it out of your head, because ME can strike anyone at anytime.

Just over 2 weeks to my DLA tribunal. Applied for taxi fares, here's hoping they'll pay...

Saturday, 21 January 2012

12 Years.

Tomorrow, I turn 22.

The last time I was well for my Birthday, I was turning 10.

This year, on top of the ME, the back pain and the thrush, I also have a cold.

Of course it saddens me some what, but I know it will be an amazing day with my husband and family <3

In other updates... Got homeopathy again this week, to try and sort out dosage confusions. Mr has ADHD clinic too. Next week I've got dentist, then week after that my DLA tribunal. My anxiety is remaining surprisingly low. Had the drs this week, and have a potential gyne referral for the thrush, and I am now on dihydrocodeine along with Mr.

It helps with my brain fog (well, the heavy weight of fog, frustration and anger in my forehead) as well as dealing with my sensitivities and pain, so it's quite good :)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Health.

My health isn't just a list of terms such as ME, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, back pain and thrush.

My health isn't just the information detailed within my NHS file - just a list of what the drs see - and how they choose to see it.

My health isn't the list of prescriptions I try each year.

My health isn't the smile I put on my face when I try to hide how I feel.

My health isn't the thousands of words and hours of essay writing taken to claim the most basic of sickness benefits.

My health is what I have to live with TWENTY FOUR SEVEN.

This year will mark 12 years with ME. Today marks 6 months with thrush. I wish I could have a break.